I have established my understanding through the senses known as subjective sight, feeling, hearing, and knowing. Using these subtle senses, I am able to help my clients to embrace and reconnect with the loving touch and compassion of their loved ones in the spirit world. Important details from past, present, and future events enable me to provide evidential mediumship. In this way, my clients are able to trust and respond to the information in the spiritual reading, which can make an impactful change in their lives.

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My Personal Journey

Since early childhood, I have been aware of spirit and can remember certain feelings and personal phenomenal events from when I was between seven and nine years of age.

I was so fortunate to have had spiritual, loving parents who understood my feelings and never reproached or discouraged me.

I was eighteen when I first encountered the world of spirit in an objective physical form. This created a deep realisation at a soul level that in fact I was reunited with my brother from a previous existence, who is acting as one of my guides – teaching and advising me in this current lifetime. This led me onto a path of spiritual discovery with determination to understand by allowing myself to experience many different scenarios, to learn and to embrace a deeper awareness, and to know that everything and everyone is connected.

I further progressed when I joined my parents’ development circle as my father also was a Teacher, Medium and Healer.

I later developed my Mediumship to a greater level of understanding when I attended an advanced course of learning Mediumship at The Arthur Findlay Spiritual College at Stansted in Essex Arthur Findlay College where I was trained by advanced Tutors and Mediums.

Assisting You in Your Exploration

I believe that every person is on their own unique life journey to gain multiple levels of awareness – physically, emotionally, and mentally – during their lifetime. Everyone has the potential to access their own spiritual power by tapping into their own energy and the universal energies to establish their own wisdom to progress on their path.

The spiritual abilities I have developed over many years, are for service to those who wish to embrace and connect into the vast energetic understanding of the spirit world.

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Here are a few recent reviews from clients:

“I had another amazing Reading with Antony Doveton… He brought through several family members and gave clear evidence of who they were and even used the exact words that a particular person would have used. Antony is friendly but professional and I highly recommend a reading with him.”

“Just had an amazing reading with Antony. Everything was spot on and I mean everything. So much detail … will definitely book another, 5* reading.”

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One to one reading

For a one-to-one spiritual reading, I use several different senses known as the ‘clairs’, meaning having clear spiritual insights, to help connect to loved ones in the world of spirit.

The sitter will gain evidence, confidence, guidance, and support which will help to bring in understanding that life continues beyond physical death.

I offer one-to-one mediumship readings from my home or online using zoom.
For more details and/or if you would like to book a reading, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Mediumship Demonstrations

Mediumship Demonstrations are conducted by myself locally and nationwide throughout the year and, on occasions, with other guest mediums.

The demonstrations provide a great opportunity for individuals, whether new to this way of perceiving or more experienced, to sit within an audience-based setting.

Some members of the audience will experience a connection with their loved ones in the spirit world. The beautiful blend of energies with the medium allows the communication of messages to be delivered. This leads individuals to recognise and understand that life goes on beyond physical death.

Please see my events page for upcoming dates of Mediumship Demonstrations and other upcoming events.

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